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Christmas Puddings with no gift wrappings

 Quality Scottish herbal products

When you order 12 or more Christmas Puddings, you can request the no gift wrapping option. They are then wrapped in greaseproof paper only, no muslin, cellophane or tags. This makes it 10% cheaper for you, including postage and packing. For example, if you order 12 Christmas Puddings you normally pay 59.88, plus P&P of 13, for a total of 72.88. Without gift wrap, your 10% discount makes this 65.59 for a saving of 7.29.

This is useful for instance, where the Christmas Puddings are to be served at a party or function like a Christmas dinner, rather than given as presents or favours. Or if you love clootie dumplings so much, you just want dozens for yourself!

If you want the no gift-wrap option, just tell us on the form
in the optional message box and we'll take care of the rest.

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